Who Are We?

#ChicagonistaLIVE is a full media production and show run by Beth Rosen of 4 Keys Media and MJ Tam of City Connect Media, Inc. Together they produced the first “social talk show” of Chicago that also came to be known as The #ChicagonistaLIVE! Show More shows are currently on the drawing board, so stay tuned…

The #ChicagonistaLIVE Show Co-Hosts:

Nancy Loo, Broadcast Journalist

Nancy has also worked in television in New York City, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Oregon. In recent years, Nancy has become well-known in Chicago’s social media scene – using Twitter and Facebook to crowdsource and engage viewers during newscasts.

Nancy’s personal blog, NancyLoo.net, was recently chosen for the Chicago Now blog roll and she is also a contributor to the The Chicago Moms. Last year, Nancy teamed up with MJ Tam to launch Young Chicagonista, a website for Chicago girls that’s gained national recognition as a 2010 nominee for “Best Teen Weblog”. A self-described “tech geek freak”, Nancy is constantly connected. You can connect with her on twitterfacebook and Linkedin. Nancy is also addicted to foursquare and has even been giving Whrrl a whirl!

MJ Tam, Chicagonista; City Connect Media, Inc.

MJ Tam started blogging in 1999 and has since been very active in the Social Media world. She is the Editor of Chicagonista and the Creator of City Connect Media, Inc. that owns and operates Chicagonista.com, NYMetropolista.com, The Chicago Moms and hoping to launch more city sites on her list: San Franista, SoCalista, and Miaminista. MJ also expanded Chicagonista by making room for the successful-minded 20 something NextGen Chicagonista and recently partnered with Nancy Loo and created Young Chicagonista that is giving voice to young girls from 11-17 years old. MJ also created Chicagonista LIVE!, a talk show on Chicago-centric issues and she is also co-hosting the show with Nancy Loo, Duong Sheahan, and Beth Rosen.

MJ is one of the panelists at Google – Moms Know Tech in 2007, and since then has spoken in many other blogging conferences. She is also listed in “75 Top Twitter Tips from Today’s Small Business Moms” found in American Express OPEN / Small Business website. Just recently, MJ instructed “Hands on Small Business” – Social Media class series with Microsoft Office Live and Kirtsy. You can even find her in the CRAVE Chicago Book – The Urban Girl’s Manifesto that listed 125 women you need to know.

Besides blogging, she’s a tweeting, facebooking, foursquaring, stumbleupon-ing, digging, kirtsying (and all other Social Networking stuff) Chicagonista, who also writes for Technorati, Centerd.com and is a member of the Yahoo Mother Board group who are tech-savvy moms that write on a gamut of parenting issues with Yahoo. You can follow MJ on twitter.

Beth Rosen, 4 Keys Media, Inc.

Beth K. Rosen is a leading edge Social Media strategist whose versatility and expertise in media and the promotional arts allows individuals and companies realize their full potential on Twitter, Facebook as well as through podcasting and blogging. Beth draws upon her vast experience as a radio, film and commercial producer to structure, implement and maintain highly focused and beneficial Social Media campaigns for businesses.

Beth is a world-class “mommy blogger” who has reaped tremendous gain for enterprises both online and offline. Her messages today resonate in the women’s marketplace and continue to gain momentum in the mommy sector. She has hosted large-scale parenting conventions and has facilitated national speakers to speak in Chicago. Beth has also spearheaded networks of stay-at-home moms who needed an outlet for education and information sharing while becoming entrepreneurs.

Beth is also a pioneer podcaster. Since 2004, she hosts a weekly podcast that is carried by NBCChicago.com. She is instrumental in applying the podcasting format to her Social Media choices for companies who wish to permeate and inspire the mommy market.

Beth founded 4 KEYS MEDIA, INC. to help progressive companies connect with the mommy and boomer women markets. Beth has a natural talent to communicate and has the ability to create monumental buzz through cost-effective Social Media programs. The cumulative effect of the firm’s approach is strengthening relationships between brand and consumer. Keep up with Beth Rosen on Twitter.

Duong Sheahan, Digital Girlfriends &Health Blogger


Duong experienced relationships that have extended beyond the digital world after unintentionally landing on Twitter and the use of social media. Recognizing the power of women and friendship, Duong was inspired to create Digital Girlfriends, a social network to bring women online from “tweeting to meeting.” Duong is proud to support businesses and organizations that she believes in and has trained individuals and groups to launch their own social media presence.

Duong’s personal passion is in health and wellness and it’s become her mission is to educate, encourage, and empower people to healthier. Duong worked for one the world’s leading health expert in the natural health industry and New York Times bestselling author of The Maker’s Diet as a Weekend of Wellness Consultant, coordinating health seminars and promoting the Perfect Weight America book tourand campaign around the country. Prior, Duong had a background in the ministry at one of the largest churches in the Midwest serving in leadership capacity as a volunteer for over 15 years and on staff as the Director of Ministry Placement where she was instrumental in helping people to connect to the ministry, organizing events, launch new departments, among other responsibilities.

Duong has been the cover story of her hometown newspaper in 2008 and 2009 where her story of “Escaping from Vietnam” was featured. She can also be seen in January 2010 issue of Extraordinary Health Magazine, and Unilever’s website “Making Life Better” in March, Perfect Weight America and referred to in Choosing to Forgive, Learning to Love. While working on completing her degree in Health & Wellness, Duong also writes on her own blog: Live Healthier & Happier, Chicago Moms Blog, Empowered Woman and co-hosts Chicagonista LIVE, an online talk show with Creator MJ Tam, Nancy Loo & Beth Rosen.